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The Belford Wellside Collection is a series of four Cambie Corridor developments from Belford Properties. Wellside is more than an intelligent display of architecture in the Cambie Corridor. Wellside is a modern answer to the timeless question: “Where is that I feel most connected and alive?”

1. A Story of WELLNESS – Our principles for living well

The Japanese concept of “Ikigai” welcomes one to define what it means to live your life to its fullest. Wellside invites you to keep this essential question in mind as you begin the journey home with us.

Much like any dream, the desire to live well requires a strong foundation if it’s to be actualized. We need well-lit markers on our path to wellness to remind us of what we’re striving towards and why our life’s fulfilment is a worthy endeavour. We believe true fulfilment is rooted in the home. Fittingly, Wellside finds its greatest inspiration in nature.

2. A Story of LOCATION – A location is more than a pairing of coordinates on a map.

A good location has purpose. Layers. Life. Wellside is anchored in the centre of the Cambie Corridor, enriching our homes with a source of vibrancy and strength. Land that was once farmland and forest a century ago has undergone a rich history of evolution and emerged as an urban gateway to every kind of wellness pursuit and pleasure.

3. A Story of COMMUNITY – Wellside sheds the conventional belief that life is a singular sport.

We believe in the community’s power to drive positive change not just for the individual, but for the whole. A great community inspires beliefs and celebrates differences. An authentic sense of belonging enhances our connection not only to others, but to the spaces we embody and the natural world which surrounds us.

The Cambie Neighbourhood

This chosen corridor boasts a rare balance of natural wonders and commercial amenities like few other locations on the West Side. At Revive, you’ll live steps from nature and remain conveniently connected to the pulse and pull of the city.

Revive’s proximity to exclusive boutiques, bakeries, and restaurants, along with international shopping destinations like Oakridge Centre, makes it a magnet for both avid foodies and savvy shoppers. The fabric of the neighbourhood is intricate and eclectic, woven with emerging small businesses, craft breweries, and coffee shops.

The Cambie area is known for its multi-cultural and generational vibrancy. In the past decade it has emerged as an urban gateway to every kind of lifestyle pursuit and pleasure. Ideally situated in the heart of sprawling parks and green spaces, this modern mecca is every outdoor enthusiast’s, cyclist’s, and dog walker’s dream.